Artificial Grass

Lawns Made Of Artificial Grass

Richardson Landscape Design provides Richardson, TX businesses, organizations and residents with environmentally friendly artificial turf and other surfacing solutions to replace natural grass.

Artificial grass lawns are becoming more popular in Richardson, TX for a number of reasons. The lawn does not require pesticides, fertilizers, or mowing. There are no grass clippings generated and water is saved for Bay area residents.

Plus, our artificial grass lawns from Richardson Landscape Design are virtually maintenance-free for many years and are nearly cost-free.

Our products and services include synthetic grass lawns, backyard putting greens, playground surfaces, artificial turf athletic fields and more for Richardson, TX.

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Artificial Turf For Residential And Commercial Landscaping

During the rainy season from November through March, Richardson, TX Design’s turf is wet and muddy, creating both a messy and dangerous situation. During May to September, there is no rainfall and a lack of water makes it nearly impossible to keep grass looking good. Because of these reasons, many Bay Area landscape architects turn to Richardson Landscape Design Synthetic Turf and Bonded Rubber products for landscaping projects. The use of synthetic turf products reduces maintenance costs while providing an attractive and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural turf. A landscape designer in Richardson, TX, works with onelawn, synthetic grass, and artificial turf installers

Artificial Turf Fields For Athletics

Athletic fields made of artificial turf can be used day or night, regardless of the weather. Weather conditions in Richardson, TX, such as rain and dampness, can affect athletic fields. Damaged or poorly maintained athletic fields often see limited use, but artificial turf is virtually maintenance free and offers almost limitless opportunities. Richardson Landscape Design has designed and installed synthetic grass, allowing schools and athletic facilities to play all year round.

Pet Turf & Dog Run Grass

Richardson, TX is unbeatable when it comes to dogs. The city is home to luxury dog hotels, rooftop dog cocktail parties, a pet cemetery, and City Hall plans to turn dog droppings into renewable energy. “And yes, the urban legend is true: Here in the City by the Bay there are more dogs than children.”

No matter whether dogs outnumber children, Richardson, TX loves its pets, and Richardson Landscape Design pet turf is a popular choice because of its unique construction and unique backing.

The Surfaces Of Playgrounds

The Richardson Landscape Design company specializes in the installation of synthetic turf, bonded rubber mulch, and playground rubber surfacing. Our goal is to make schools, nurseries, parks, and other facilities in Richardson, TX safer. Richardson Landscape Design’s low maintenance, IPEMA-certified surfaces are completely anti-microbial and dry quickly, so your children can play almost instantly after it has rained.

Basketball Courts In The Backyard

VersaCourt, a division of Richardson Landscape Design, provides outdoor and indoor basketball courts, tennis, paddle tennis, shuffleboard, and multi-sport games courts in Richardson, TX. In the event that a court has worn out, VersaCourt can be used as a resurfacing solution, or a new surface can be used completely in a new facility.

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The city of Richardson, Texas is among the most environmentally conscious in the country, often praised for being green, clean, and organic. Therefore, promoting artificial grass in the city makes sense.

This seems to be a difficult task in Richardson, TX. One must consider that in a world where “natural” is regarded as good and “artificial” as bad, well-manicured natural grass might actually be ecologically unhealthy. It requires large amounts of water, destructive chemicals to keep its “healthy” look, and is usually maintained by energy-consuming, air-polluting lawn mowers and equipment.


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